Home Schools Sacred Heart Students Celebrate School with an Energizing Spirit Rally

Sacred Heart Students Celebrate School with an Energizing Spirit Rally

Sacred Heart Mustang mascot and Student Council leading the “Spirit Rally.”

On August 24, just a week into the school year Sacred Heart’s Student Council designed and initiated a “Spirit Rally” to welcome all students – especially new students – into the new school year.

The whole student body gathered in the school gym and experienced many fun games, cheers, and contests. “SH Mustang,” the school’s mascot, danced along and helped to boost the energy as well. One of Student Council’s goals was to formally present this year’s school theme “Let Me Help” to all. Let Me Help is designed to focus the whole community on the Christian call to action and service.

Mrs. Stephanie Vives, one of the Student Council moderators described the importance of this annual tradition as “…a key event that celebrates friendship, welcomes new students and faculty members, builds school spirit, provides leadership opportunities for the student council, mentors the younger classes and creates lifetime memories. Definitely a highlight in our school.”

The Student Council is a student leadership program that helps interested students learn and develop leadership skills through a variety of meetings, retreats and activities. They will be organizing more events and opportunities throughout the year and will keep strengthening the school community, build school pride and lead service projects for the rest of the school.