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Back Where It All Began

Current Holy Spirit School second grade teacher, Bianca Adamo, left, with her former second grade teacher, Lisa Coulter who currently teaches eighth grade at Holy Spirit.

They say that if you put good out into the world, good will come back to you. When Bianca Adamo graduated from Holy Spirit School in 2009, as part of the first class of students to have attended every grade since the school opened in 2000, she had no idea she would come back nine years later to join the faculty and teach in the very classroom she attended in second grade.

Lisa Coulter has been a member of the faculty since Holy Spirit opened its doors and in that very classroom, she taught Bianca to write in cursive, multiply single digits and helped her prepare for her First Eucharist. Today, Lisa teaches eighth grade and remembers Bianca’s time in her classroom fondly, “Her smile and attitude in the classroom made her the student you wanted your child to be friends with. She was compassionate and always welcoming to others. I know she will continue to spread her positivity and encouragement to every one of her students.”

Bianca’s memories are equally special, “My greatest memory of second grade was going through First Communion. Lisa, I’m still getting used to calling her by her first name, always made the class fun and engaging. I always remember feeling loved and special,” she said. “I vividly remember our Heritage Reports and biography book reports. I would love to continue these classroom traditions with my current students.”

Perhaps one day, one of her students will be back to teach at Holy Spirit School too.