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Saint Elizabeth Seton School – the Highs and the Byes

Sister Camille and Father Matt Stanley with the 2017-18 Kindergarten Class.

There’s an exciting buzz around campus at Saint Elizabeth Seton School as we start a new Academic Year. Summer was spent making all the necessary preparations for the start of school; some technology upgrades, new text books purchased for Social Studies, Reading and Religious Education. Classrooms pristinely organized; floors polished, a ball shed re-stocked and colorful ‘Welcome Back’ bulletin boards line the hallways sending a clear welcoming message to students and families alike. We have several new students too; not just our Pre-K but a significant growth in student enrollment for both our Kindergarten and 6th Grade classes. It’s lovely to hear the sound of children back on school grounds again after the summer break.

We did have to say goodbye to a couple of very dear people at the end of the last school year. Sister Camille, DC was transferred to a new assignment at Saint Vincent de Paul School in Phoenix, where she will now be reading to the younger students. Sister assisted in our highly-spirited Kindergarten class for three years and showed a unique love and compassion for all. We know that she’ll bring that same love to the children in Arizona – Best of luck Sister Camille!

We were also sad to say goodbye to Father Matt Stanley, our pastor, as he too was transferred to a new assignment. He is now the pastor of St. Francis Assis Parish in San Jose. Father worked with our Principal, Evelyn Rosa, for six years and always had the children’s interests at heart. He clearly enjoyed his visits to the school and loved being with our students. We will miss his cheerful face and hope that he won’t be a stranger to our school. Father Matt, mark your calendar: Back-To-School Night is September 12 this year.

The Good News is that we’ve been blessed with another Daughter of Charity joining us this year. Sister Martha, like Sister Camille, comes with principal and teacher experience and is also an educator of the Vincentian Charism that is central to our mission. We’re delighted to welcome Sister Martha! Having the Sisters work with us in our classrooms is a real treasure. They radiate a peaceful beauty that resonates well with students, staff, and family alike.

We also want to welcome and congratulate Father Estanislao in his role as the new pastor of Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish. Our staff and student body are delighted as they all know Father Estanislao really well. Together with the kindness of Father Michael Gazzingan and the new addition of Father Anthony Nguyene, we’re very much looking forward to working with a team that we already know is a real pleasure to work with. We are truly blessed and looking forward to a Terrific School Year!