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New Beginnings at Holy Family School

(Pictured above) Ms. Cortes, Mrs. Becker, and Mr. Salgado.

As Holy Family School begins a new academic and spiritual journey, the community is reminded how fortunate it is to have such a wonderful community. This academic year, it welcomed 54 new students and 3 new faculty members to the family.

Ms. Cortes, vice principal, Mrs. Becker, seventh grade Religion and Language Arts teacher and Mr. Salgado, the newest member of the faculty and the IT coordinator.

In the first few days, Morning Prayer has never felt more alive and complete. The classrooms are filled with eager students and the playground has been an example of how to demonstrate love through action- welcoming of new students through conversation and complimenting each other with the use of encouraging words.

So, as we seek and create new adventures this year we will make sure that we are an example and that who we are will echo our school 2018-2019 theme, “Let us not love merely in word, but in action and in truth.” 1 John 3:18