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Letter to the Editor – Sex Scandal


Once again, we hear news of a clergy sex scandal. This angers and saddens me for a number of reasons. The first and most obvious reason is the well-being of the victims of these animals. But it goes much deeper than that. There is the humiliation of good priests who are unjustly associated with the guilty ones. Then there is the embarrassment felt by lay Catholics as they watch the Church established by Christ dragged through the mud by a media that delights in its misfortunes. This spectacle keeps some from entering the Church and sends others out. Catholic charities are also hurt by this. And that has a negative impact on some of societies neediest members. In short it hurts the cause of Christ.

A few years ago, I was asked by a woman how I could be so committed to my Catholic faith in light of the scandals. I gave her a response which I later turned into an essay for my website. If you find it useful you may reprint it. I don’t want any money. I am just trying to defend our faith. We have a serious problem and we need to end it now. Also people need a reason to hope and I am just trying to address that need. Here is a link to the essay, www.staycatholic.com/scandals_in_the_church.htm.

Sebastian Fama