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Cheers to Saint Lucy School Summer Camp


Over 60 students from grades K to 7th were able to enjoy four fun-packed weeks of outdoor fun, crafts, movies, on and off-site field trips, cooking, special guests, and some good old-fashioned summer fun at the recent Saint Lucy School Summer Camp.

Extended Day Care Director and PE teacher, Jane Riley, has been the inspiration Saint Lucy School Summer Camp for over 15 years. Her work and enthusiasm have helped create summer memories for many Saint Lucy School students. Each of the four camp weeks has a dedicated theme. Week one was Survivor 3 where students were divided into teams and spent the week in competition. They created team flags, tied-dye buffs and used their imagination to build amazing shelters out of cardboard. The grass field was covered with them! They also engaged in team relay competitions and, of course, lots of old-fashioned water-play.

Having “survived,” students began week two with Nature Unleashed. Students investigated animals, plants, and bugs both on and off campus. Everyone made rain sticks and enjoyed a visit from “The Lizard Lady” who brought friends for a visit, such as turtles, legless lizards, a bearded dragon and a couple of BIG snakes.

Race for America was the theme for week three as students prepared for the 4th of July. Everyone made custom holiday hand painted shirts. Even Principal Sue Grover joined in the fun and created her own red, white, and blue shirt. Competitions were fierce in the cardboard airplane races as students flew across the school racing their masterpieces. A special highlight of the week was to cheer on the Special Olympic torch run in support of athletes as it ran past the school down Winchester Blvd.

Camp’s final week was Island Oasis. Treasure chest crafts, fish mobiles, water games, and trips to the local park were just a few of the activities that filled the this tropical and final week of fun.

In addition to all the themed crafts, games, and activities, students played basketball, hockey, team Hungry Hungry Hippos, and the barnacle ocean game. They also baked bread, made pizzas and fruit kabobs, and other delicious treats each week. What a way to fill precious summer days!