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Safety is Security in the Summer and at End-of Life


By Kathy Fanger and Laura Schemmel

Summertime…Ahhh! – A welcomed change from the often-hectic pace of our lives. We eagerly look forward to graduations, weddings, family reunions, and vacations. Even ‘stay-cations’ can be a refreshing alternative, restfully enjoying one’s home, perhaps accomplishing projects and scheduling local outings and time in nature.

Safety should be uppermost in our minds as we enter summertime. We need to be proactive in protecting ourselves and our loved ones. How? …by being alert to safe driving practices, staying ultra-hydrated to avoid heat exhaustion and stroke, using protection from the sun with sunscreen and hats, being alert to safety and supervision of children around pools, lakes and oceans, avoiding the hazards of bug and tick bites, and wasp stings. When we are responsible about practicing safety, we can approach our summer days knowing we have done our part, to the best of our abilities, to stay healthy and avoid unnecessary hazards.

End of Life Safety – What’s that?
Catholic Cemeteries is here to tell you that there is another essential, often forgotten, consideration of safety and we are here to assist you with. That’s the safety in the peace of mind you give yourself and your loved ones when you have shared with them your end of life plans. Perhaps they are clearly in place and you just need to share them. If your end-of-life plans are not in place, perhaps your loved ones can assist you in making decisions and making sure they are documented. These include: having a California Advance Health Care Directive, a will and living trust, assigning and communicating the names of individuals you have asked to be your financial power of attorney and primary/secondary health care agents, your wishes for Catholic Funeral Services, your choice of burial – cremation or casket, burial property and location…and there’s more. Summertime offers you the chance to restfully review, plan, and document these end-of-life plans. Sharing your plans and having these important conversations can make such a difference. Your loved ones are all on the same page, clearly knowing what you wish, thus no surprises at the time of death, which, if not done, can cause exhausting and unnecessary emotional and financial burdens. Remember that all your wishes should be documented and in a defined location. It will be a feeling of security for your loved ones to receive the benefits of your planning.

Make life ultimately about relationships – not the logistics.
Give us a call before your family gathers for a reunion, a camping trip or vacation. We would be happy to give you some conversation starters. Catholic Cemeteries offers you the resources to help with all your end-of-life planning needs. Let us assist you in accomplishing these essential steps. Once in place, you can concentrate on living and enjoying the relationships that are most important.

Call us today for a free appointment and to request our Legacy Planning Guide – a comprehensive step-by-step booklet to document important end-of-life information and your wishes. Call (650) 549-6059.

Estate Planning
June 23, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Saint Francis of Assisi Parish – Fireside Room – 5111 San Filipe Road, San Jose
Presenter: Paul Pelosi, Attorney at Law, Pelosi Law Office, San Jose
Estate Planning is a comprehensive process involving many components. Basic elements covered: Revocable Living Trust; charitable and legacy planning, a lifetime gifting program, medical care planning (Advance Directive); financial power of attorney, burial and funeral planning. Free.

End of Life Decisions: A Catholic Perspective
August 4, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Saint Victor Parish-Stephen Perata Parish Center – 3150 Sierra Road, San Jose
Presenter: Deacon Ray Gans
Choices at end of life present unique challenges, particularly within a complex and technologically advanced society. Physical death is perceived within modern society as the ultimate human tragedy. This presentation will explore end-of-life choices within the context of faith in Jesus and the moral tradition of the Church. Free.

Parish Bereavement Ministers’ Training Series
3 Saturdays: August 11, 18, 25
9 a.m. – 2 p.m., Saint Christopher Parish
1576 Curtner Avenue, San Jose
The ministry of consolation depends on faith, compassion and prayerful presence. This is an in-depth training and enrichment series for parish staff, clergy and volunteers. Focus includes knowledge of grief process, effective communication, and models of parish consolation programs. RSVP by July 27. To register, contact Laura Schemmel at cemeteryinfo@dsj.org or (650) 428-3730 x511. Cost: $100/person. Fee returned upon completion of all 3 sessions.

Solace – Soul + Grief
Monthly Drop-in Grief Support Group
June 27, 7-9 p.m. (4th Wed. each month)
O’Connor Hospital Main Entrance
Chapel – 2105 Forest Avenue, San Jose
Facilitator: Candee Lucas, M.A. Pastoral Ministries. Each month we will use a different scripture as a seed for our sharing, discussion and support. No RSVP necessary. Free. Sponsored by Catholic Cemeteries and O’Connor Hospital.