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History Comes to Life at Saint Simon Parish School

Astronomer Sally Ride (Claire Provencher) and artist Leonardo Da Vinci (Caitlin Lee) at Saint Simon School’s “living” wax museum exhibit.

Marie Curie, Alexander Hamilton, Betsy Ross, Jane Goodall, Martin Luther King, two Abraham Lincolns plus more than 30 other alive and historical heroes were all present at Saint Simon School’s “living” wax museum exhibition.

This annual event provided an opportunity for the school’s third grade students to showcase their knowledge of great heroes and represents a significant amount of preparation on the part of students and teachers alike.

“There are weeks of build-up to this event. I am really proud of the research and writing they completed to get them to today,” said Ms. Whitney Ehret, one of Saint Simon Parish School’s two third grade teachers.

Students arrived at the school on the 9th in costumes they had put together at home. Then, the third graders transformed the school’s gymnasium into a museum. At each station, students set up their poster boards, displayed relevant artifacts and took their place on stools ready to welcome visitors.

Civil rights leaders and scientist, artist and authors, astronauts and entrepreneurs, the Saint Simon Parish School-gymnasium-turned-museum was a buzz of so many of the very best human attributes.