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Bellarmine College Preparatory 2018 Graduation Summary


Bellarmine College Preparatory held its commencement ceremony the morning of May 26. The graduation of 418 seniors followed a Baccalaureate Mass held the evening of May 24, with both events taking place on the San Jose campus of the school that has been educating young men in the Catholic Jesuit tradition since 1851.

The following are major award recipients:

Cardinal Bellarmine Award: Vince Feliciano
Named for the patron of our school, Saint Robert Bellarmine, it is the highest award that our school gives at commencement and is presented to that student who has personally incorporated the school’s values of faith, service, leadership, and a passion for justice in every area of contribution to the school’s life.

Valedictory Award: Emmanuel Ngbemeneh
Given to that student who has achieved academic success, demonstrated leadership qualities, and has the ability to express the values of the school and the spirit of the class at commencement.

Salutatory Award: Jonathan Hale
Presented to that student whose contributions to Bellarmine’s graduating class has been visible and manifold. He has represented the life and spirit of the class through his Christian values and personal integrity.

Ignatius Loyola Award: Michael Masri, Mateo Solis Prada
Named for the 16th century founder of the Society of Jesus and presented to those students who have internalized their Christian faith and given overwhelming evidence of their relationship with God.

Pedro Arrupe Service Award: Neerav Gade
Named after the 28th General Superior of the Society of Jesus. It is presented to that student who has worked generously and effectively to translate into action our school’s commitment to the creation of a society more Godly and just, both locally and globally.

Jesuit Schools Network Award: Andrew Song
Presented to that student who is well-rounded, intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving, and committed to doing justice in generous service to the people of God.

Rob Suarez Memorial Award: Michael Alloggiamento
Honoing that student who raised our spirits when we have needed it most, bringing hope in the midst of daily struggles. This student represents the often unnoticed acts of compassion in our community.

Bellarmine Spirit Award: Jared Bush, Vincent Saglimbeni
Presented to those students who embrace our school’s philosophy of vision, leadership, and service within the broad spectrum of Bellarmine’s co-curricular activities.

Matteo Ricci Award: Brett Allen, Joel Bartlett, Omar Battisha, Meika Beaudoin Rousseau, Wesley Thomas Clark, William Healzer, Alexander Knapen, Jeffrey Ma, Pratyush Sridhar, Nathan Yates.
Named after the 16th century Jesuit missionary who truly embodied the Jesuit ideal of finding God in all things. This award is presented to those students who have contributed significantly to life in and out of the classroom. They have made lasting contributions to Bellarmine’s broad spectrum of co-curricular activities and their engagement in the academic program has been outstanding.