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Saint Simon School’s Greek Banquet

Saint Simon School’s sixth participate in Olympic Games, Greek Myths and a Greek Feast.

Saint Simon School’s sixth graders celebrated the end of a true cross-curricular learning experience about Ancient Greece with a day of Olympic Games, Greek Myths and an authentic Greek Feast Opa!

The students belonged to City States and all learning and projects were accomplished in their groups. Among the classes are spies (who look in on other city states) and oracles. As they learned about Ancient Greece, the students created artwork and researched to become experts in all aspects of their polis.

Saint Simon’s teachers, Becky Vanmeter and Jennifer Tibbils, made learning come alive with students reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and performing skits from Ancient Greek Mythology.

After competing in javelin throws, long jumps, chariot races and foot races, students presented cheers and banners to introduce their city state to each other. These “Greek For A Day” youngsters dined on authentic Greek cuisine wearing their chitons (togas) they had created in class. While being served a four course lunch catered by a local Greek family restaurant and served by parents, Students performed skits from Greek Mythology representing each city state. Throughout the month long unit and during the day, groups won points.

The day ended with the announcement of the winning city state but from the smiles of pride on the faces of these children, everyone left a winner!