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“Otterly” Fun Times at Saint Elizabeth Seton School

First graders feel a real otter pelt during a visit from the Sea Otter Savvy program.

The first grade class at Saint Elizabeth Seton School had some special visitors from the Sea Otter Savvy program.

The Sea Otter Savvy program helps to inspire and create a “sea otter savvy” community by promoting responsible wildlife viewing, bringing awareness of the effect our behavior can have on sea otters and other wildlife, and how we can achieve a safer, healthier coastal environment here in California.

Educators and college student volunteers came all the way from Monterey County to teach the first graders about sea otters and how they are involved in the marine life of California. The students participated in three different stations that were all hands-on and very informative. Students learned about kelp forests, how the blubber layer of marine animals helps keep them warm, and why not to disturb sea otters in their environment. The students even got to touch a real otter pelt.

It was an amazing experience for the first graders to learn more about the adorable sea otter and how they can continue to protect the California coastline.

To learn more about this program, visit www.seaottersavvy.org.