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Holy Family Keeping It Within the Family

Holy Family School staff members, who are also alumns, pose with their children who are current students.

To many of us at Holy Family School (HFS) special is only one of many words that helps describe what HFS means to us. As we embark in our 32nd year of academic service, we are proud to share that the meaning of our HFS community goes beyond what we expect when we first set foot onto our campus. We truly are a family!

Today, we have seven members of our staff who have chosen to have their children attend our school, not for convenience, but for the enriched community we all share. Mrs. Styczynski, the Development Director, is an alumna of HFS and graduated in 1993. She shares her alma mater with her two daughters, a first grader and sixth grader. Mrs. Lecheler is our fifth grade teacher and has a Preschooler. The Lecheler family has been a part of HFS for many years. Members of the Lecheler family include two alumni and a retired teacher. Mrs. Nagashima is completing her first year as HFS Kindergarten teacher, but she is certainly no stranger to HFS, as she is also an alumna from the class of 1994. She currently has a fifth grader. Occupational Therapist Mrs. Davied has a seventh grader and two daughters who graduated from HFS. Mrs. Bowers, the second grade teacher, is an alumna of the first graduating class of HFS in 1991. She currently has two children attending HFS, a first grader and fifth grader. Mrs. McRoberts is our wonderful second grade aid, has a daughter graduating this year. Mrs. Smearden is our third-grade teacher and currently has two children in third and seventh grade.