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Catholic Charities’ After-School Kids Compete and Win at The Tech Challenge 2018

Catholic Charities’ after-school students from Kennedy Elementary present their design at The Tech Challenge 2018.

By Adelene Gallego Ramos

And the award goes to … Catholic Charities’ after-school kids who participated in The Tech Challenge 2018!

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County proudly congratulate the after-school students from our Communities Organizing Resources to Advance Learning (CORAL) program, who recently participated in the The Tech Challenge 2018: Drop & Dash. Our teams were comprised of 39 students who came from five elementary schools: Washington, Kennedy, Dahl, Dan Lairon, and Franklin. More than 3,000 students participated in the challenge.

This year our schools received two awards:

  1. Best Team Safety Award went to Franklin School’s Tech The Elephant Team.
  2. Outstanding Engineering Design Process Award went to Kennedy School’s Team Arceus.

“I have seen students change drastically once they participate in the Tech Challenge. This is not a project for the science-oriented youth only, but for those students who like to think outside the box and overcome their failures,” said Aldo Estrada, CORAL STEM Coordinator at Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County.

“The engineering design process is not a straight forward path, but once mastered gives those who learn it the ability to overcome any problem and not give up. The students also learn the importance of teamwork and that no solution is held by one person. These are invaluable lifelong skills that make a difference for the youth.”

Catholic Charities’ CORAL kids have been participating in the Tech Challenge for more than 10 years. Each year, more students sign-up and are excited to see where their imagination combined with some practical engineering skills can take them. By participating in this friendly competition, the students learn that it is possible for them to become future leaders in the STEM field, and some students have gone on to college to study in STEM related fields.

The Tech Challenge is the signature program of The Tech Museum of Innovation. Students from grades 4-12 use engineering to solve a real-world problem. They spend months collaborating and designing their project, and present their final creation to a group of judges and an audience of supporters.

The CORAL students are already super excited for next year’s challenge! Watch out Tech Challenge 2019!

To find out more about Catholic Charities’ CORAL after-school program that focuses on improving academic achievement through literacy and homework support for local low-income students, please visit catholiccharitiesscc.org/coral-after-school-program.