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Saint Lucy School Kindergarten Engineers

Saint Lucy Kindergarteners participate in the “Save the Chocolate” activity.

Save the Chocolate! Saint Lucy School Kindergarteners studying energy from the sun, recently worked together in collaborative groups of four to engineer a structure that would keep chocolate from melting at a birthday party at the park where there was no shade.

In this “Save the Chocolate” activity, they tested out design strategies using straws, construction paper, paper plates, index cards, wax paper and tape in the science lab before heading outside in the sun to put their work to the test. All the structures were successful as compared to the uncovered chocolate pieces which all melted in the sun.

Science teacher Bobette Lane added, “Students were asked to work cooperatively in a group to design and build one structure that will reduce the warming effect of sunlight on an area. I’m proud of they way they worked together and persevered to solve a problem. They did a great job!”