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Reasons to Believe in God


After reading Reverend Rolheiser’s “Reasons to Believe in God,” (The Valley Catholic, April 24) I believe that there is one and really only one reason to believe in God – The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

While as a scientific-engineer, my reasoned analyses lean more toward the science of the creation, what I think both of us are missing is the simple fact that (with apologies to Saint Paul) if Jesus were not risen from the dead, all of our “Reasons” would be in vain.
For when we believe and accept as fact that Jesus was indeed brought back from the dead to be a living being, we have the absolute proof – then and there – that there must exist a “master being” with full authority over life and death.

With a belief in Jesus’ “Resurrection From The Dead,” what other reason can we have which would be more convincing of the existence of a God. For no other power, be it scientific, random act of nature or whatever has ever done that. No experiment in all the laboratories in history has ever brought even one dead rat back to life or produced life where there was no life.

Walt Fant