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Coding With Drones at Saint Victor School

Music Teacher and Technology Coordinator Ian Hinkle leads the Coding with Drone elective at Saint Victor School. He is assisted by volunteer Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy.

Saint Victor School has had Electives for the last four years. One of the electives that began this school year was Coding With Drones.

Using block based coding with mini-drones, students have explored various programming concepts such as variables, loops, and conditional statements. In addition, they have programmed the drones to complete a wide array of challenges.
One of the challenges was completing a course where the drone takes off from position “A” then flies to position “B,” picks up a small package, flies to position “C” and finally drops off the package. Lastly, it flies back to position “A.” This elective has taught these 16 students ranging from fourth through eighth grades how to combine programming skills with flight skills. They learned about throttle, pitch, yaw and roll.

Who knows? Maybe one day the drones they have programmed will be delivering packages to your doorstep.