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With Scholarship Program, Saint Francis Alumni Pool Contributions to Support One Student


In an effort to make Saint Francis High School more accessible to families, the Alumni Council kicked off the 40 Lancers Scholarship Program last year. The driving principle of this program is that by pooling financial resources, 40 contributors can make a greater impact on a student’s life. Participants agree to commit $2,000 over four years, which would cover a student’s tuition during his or her time at Saint Francis.

At a recent luncheon, these 40 contributing members, who included alumni, teachers and parents of alumni, were thrilled to meet the student — the first recipient of the 40 Lancers scholarship — whom they will support financially for four years.

The freshman boy expressed his gratitude at the gathering and discussed some of his favorite school activities. His audience was made of up individuals spanning many generations, from graduates of the early days of the school to more recent alumni, like Mario Gonsalves ’01. One of the things Mario likes best about Saint Francis is the people who make up the school community, and he is excited that this freshman will also be able to experience that.

“To this day, many of us have close relationships with past teachers, coaches and administrators who have been there to support us long after we left campus,” said Gosalves. “We are proud that he is now part of this community and taking full advantage of all the opportunities that Saint Francis has to offer.”

When Gosalves approached his classmate Troy Bienemann ’01 about participating, Bienemann didn’t have to think twice about joining the 40 Lancers program. When he thought about how much his high school experience shaped him, he was more than happy to contribute and give back to the school.

“The community provided me with so much and continues to do so now, more than 15 years after I graduated,” Bienemann said. “What should never be understated is how the school prepares its students for life at Saint Francis. I am who I am today because of Saint Francis and the Holy Cross influence.”