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Saint Lucy’s Biography Breakfast


Authors, scientists, artists, athletes and royalty made their way to Saint Lucy School in April for the Annual fourth grade Biography Breakfast. Students came to school dressed as notable individuals they had studied and read about, such as Sir Isaac Newton, Helen Keller, Wilma Rudolf, Steve Jobs, Cleopatra, Freda Kahlo, Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, Misty Copeland, Neil Armstrong, Malala Yousafzai, Walt Disney and many others.

As they immersed themselves in character, students spent the morning introducing their character to parents, teachers, grandparents and special guests in an informal classroom conversational setting. They shared stories about their characters’ lives, significant achievements, and how many of these individuals’ contributions shaped the history of nations and the lives of many.

Fourth grade teacher Lauren Young added, “What makes these biography impersonation projects so great is that it not only allows the students to study about a variety of amazing individuals, but also offers learning opportunities in research, drama, art, and public speaking. It also lets them express their most creative side for their final presentations.”