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Earth’s Superheroes Visited Saint Leo the Great School

Saint Leo the Great School third graders show off their costumes made of recycled materials.

Superheroes sporting their recycled fashion walked the runway at Saint Leo the Great School. Third grade students, with the help of Mrs. Stange and Ms. Alvarez, put on a fashion show for the entire school.

Each third grader had to design his or her costume, write a synopsis of his or her “powers” to help the earth, and then create the costume using all recycled materials. Ms. Alvarez said, “I was impressed how the students created their outfits and became passionate about the project. They became aware about how humans treat the earth as they continued to prepare for their fashion show. This class in particular has a curiosity and passion for Mother Earth, plants, animals, as well as space.”

The Superhero “Earth Warrior” sported used packing paper, plastic grocery bags, clear garbage bags, cardboard, packing foam, and a paper towel roll. Her powers included being able to hammer the ground and have everything change into reusable items. Plus, her shield protects the ocean from litter while her triangular front pouch shoots lasers that can clean the water. Arabella created “Earth Warrior,” her powers, and her costume! These students are our future, we are happy about that!