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“Responsible Landlord Engagement Initiative” Honors Neighborhood Champions

From left, Council member Sergio Jimenez, Steve Moffett, Diane Moffett, Jim Green and Sean Screws.

On the evening of February 21, community members, neighborhood leaders, and city officials gathered at the San Jose City Hall Rotunda for the annual “Responsible Landlord Engagement Initiative” (RLEI) Neighborhood Champions Awards. The awards ceremony honored 20 San Jose neighborhood groups for their efforts to work with landlord and property owners to keep their neighborhoods safe, vibrant, and healthy.

During the ceremony, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo called Bill Holmes to the stage and commended him as an exemplary landlord whose longstanding leadership sets an example for the community partnerships in sustaining safe housing across the city of San Jose.

The Responsible Landlord Engagement Initiative is a program of Catholic Charities that works with neighborhood leaders, law enforcement, and local government to hold property owners and tenants accountable for assuring that their properties contribute to the well-being of the community. The program represents a unique way of approaching neighborhood development through improving “problem properties.”

“We are so grateful for your leadership in this effort, to all the program partners who have been working hard on this,” said Mayor Liccardo. “This is where innovative partnership starts. A lot of folks tend to talk
about technological innovation in the Valley, but not enough talk about celebrating the social innovation we have here.”

RLEI is the only community-driven program of its kind. Its success is based on the commitment of residents who take pride in making their neighborhoods safe and clean.

Through the teamwork of property owners, tenants, nearby residents, and other stakeholders, the program has resolved issues for 32 neighborhoods in the past year.

Over the past six years, RLEI has worked alongside 120 neighborhood groups in San Jose to improve the safety and livability of their residents. The initiative has evolved from one case with 55 petitioners in 2011 to 132 cases with over 2,150 petitioners by the end of 2017. Dramatic improvements have included the replacement of property managers, blight removal, and crime reduction.

To learn more about the Responsible Landlord Engagement Initiative, please contact Program Manager Jaime Angulo at jangulo@catholiccharitiesscc.org.