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Saint Lucy Students Shine in annual Talent Show


Saint Lucy School students are encouraged to share their talents every year in the annual student-led spring talent show. The show is managed by student council, and includes acts in every grade from Pre-K to eighth. By working in groups to develop acts, design costumes, and coordinate music, the students have wonderful opportunities to engage their creative talents in live performances, athletics, and their love of the arts.

This year, student council opened the show with a musical dance number that energized everyone for the acts that would follow. Students dazzled the audience with singing, violin playing, hula hooping, dancing, karate, and more. The Saint Lucy faculty pulled off a surprise dance routine for the students and principal, Sue Grover, by wearing masks with the principal’s face as they performed a dance routine on stage. The huge laughter that filled the gymnasium was infectious, and showcased the high level of school spirit found on the Saint Lucy School campus.

Principal Sue Grover shared, “Our talent show is a beloved event that encourages students to step up and share their talents on stage. Students and teachers look forward to this event every year.”