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Here’s What’s Happening with Youth & Young Adults in DSJ


Diocesan Youth Retreat (DYR)
Theme: “Stand by Me” | Keynote: Amanda Vernon
Where: Zephyr Point Conference & Retreat Center, South Lake Tahoe
When: Monday, June 11, to Friday, June 15 | Price: $490 per registrant.
Who: Graduating 8th Grade Students to Graduating High School Students of the 2017-2018 Academic School Year
Registration Link: http://bit.ly/dyr2018reg | Registration Closes: Friday, May 4
Questions or comments? Contact Row David (rdavid@dsj.org)
Scholarship Inquiry? Contact Robbie Ocampo (rocampo@dsj.org)

DYR Theme Abstract: The DYR theme, “Stand by Me,” will allow the youth to reflect on what it means to have Christ by our side. Christ is not walking in front of us nor behind us…Christ is walking right beside us. Through Christ’s example, we are called to walk beside our brothers and sisters in Christ and stand by them in solidarity, regardless of who they are.

What is the Diocesan Youth Retreat (DYR)?
The Diocesan Youth Retreat (DYR) is an annual summer retreat hosted by the Diocese of San Jose’s Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. For five days, teen participants experience and encounter the love of God by means of Catholic catechesis, social justice awareness, prayer experiences and significant opportunities to fellowship and create lasting friendships. The goal of the DYR is to gather and empower teen participants to live fully the gospel of Jesus Christ, develop their Catholic identity and instill a zeal for the New Evangelization. DYR also celebrates their call to greatness as teens are exhorted to use their God given gifts to spread the life and light of Christ to all they encounter.

Middle School Diocesan Youth Retreat (MSDYR)
Theme: “Venture” | Keynote: Joe Melendrez
Where: Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds, Occidental, CA
When: Monday, August 6, to Wednesday, August 8 | Price: $290 per registrant
Who: Outgoing 5th Grade Students to Outgoing 7th Grade Students of the 2017-2018 Academic School Year
Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2EAHtCE | Registration Closes: Friday, June 22
Questions or comments? Contact Kevin Bernaga (kbernaga@dsj.org)
Scholarship inquiry? Contact Robbie Ocampo (rocampo@dsj.org)

MSDYR Theme: The theme for the Middle School Diocesan Youth Retreat (MSDYR) is “Venture,” which means a risky or daring journey. The theme will be exploring the wilderness of faith and traversing the path of Christ’s love; particularly, his powerful, courageous, and infinite love. To walk by faith is never an easy task, but to walk it together makes it a lighter load. We will encourage the middle school youth to turn their obstacles into opportunities and explore the beauty in the midst of chaos.

What is the Middle School Diocesan Youth Retreat (MSDYR)?
As you know, our highly popular Diocesan Youth Retreat (DYR) has been established for over 20 years serving a wide array of high school teens from across our diocese. After much discernment and discussion, it was clear that our parishes were seeking a similar encounter dedicated solely for the middle school community! We believe that this retreat will serve as a wonderful experience of evangelization through the means of faith, fun, and fellowship! We hope that their experience with the Middle School Diocesan Youth Retreat will serve as a transitionary bridge to the Diocesan Youth Retreat as they move into their high school careers!