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How does your contribution to the Catholic Campaign For Human Development’s (CCHD) November collection, make a difference in the lives of people living in Santa Clara County? Through your generosity, CCHD has improved the lives of thousands in our community. CCHD is the Gospel at work and Catholic social teachings in action. It provides funding for groups of poor and low-income people who are empowered to address the root causes of poverty in our community.

Just ask the 170 women at the Learning and Loving Education Center in Gilroy who attend English language classes, develop computer skills, and learn to be advocates for their children in the school system. Many have completed the GED at the center. Grant money from CCHD helped them receive valuable skills leading to a better life for their families.

Or visit the Day Workers’ Program in Mountain View where a CCHD grant helped men and women participate in English language courses, and attend resume writing workshops. Workers take computer classes and receive training in leadership skills that helped them launch a successful campaign for rent control.

Teamworks Services received a grant that gave 21 individuals training to establish their own cleaning cooperative. All members are now owners of a successful business venture that has a full roster of cleaning jobs and a waiting list of additional applicants wishing their services.

In Sunnyvale, The Bay Area Organizing Committee (BAOC) has empowered a Sunnyvale Catholic parish’s social justice ministry. BAOC did this by organizing a large housing action meeting between the parish members and city officials (vice- mayor and council members) and other non-profit organizations. As a result, this parish is developing important relationships with those who can directly impact this parish’s most pressing social just needs – slowing the frequency of rent increases and providing low-income housing.

Silicon Valley Rising (SVR) received a grant that helped over 4,000 subcontract workers, cafeteria workers, security officers, janitors and drivers, organize themselves leading to higher wages, improved benefits and stronger job protections. SVR is offering training that develops leaders in low-income neighborhoods.

Other grants have been given to organizations that are training immigrants to know their rights. They are protecting the poor from unfair evictions and working with the City of San Jose to protect low-income families from losing affordable housing due to gentrification in the San Jose area.