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Bishop McGrath Visits Saint John Vianney School

Bishop McGrath was delighted with his visit to Saint John Vianney School. He’s pictured with Saint John Vianney School Choir.

On March 21, Saint John Vianney School (SJV) was honored with a visit from Bishop Patrick McGrath. The second graders along with their teachers, Teresa Ward and Sarah Kuhs, as well as Religion Coordinator Sister Maria Griego, planned the celebration of the Eucharist. Inspired by the Bishop’s words, students, faculty and staff, SJV families, and parishioners all rejoiced in song with the SJV student choir, led by Choir Director Gina Adams. Father Steve Brown joined in the celebration as concelebrant.

Principal Anthony Barajas and Assistant Principal Catherine Kogura, led Bishop McGrath on a tour of the school, stopping to spend time with students at each grade level.

Students were excited to ask the Bishop questions about his childhood, family, his call to the priesthood, and role as Bishop. Bishop McGrath made a pact with the students, asking them to pray for him each day, just as he prays for each and every one of them. The students are already making plans in anticipation of what all hope to be another visit next year.