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Seeing Christ in a New Way at Saint Francis High School


Forty Saint Francis High School students witnessed God’s love at an on-campus all-day retreat where they reinvigorated their Catholic faith.

The retreat “Jesus Reframed” was an opportunity for students to broaden their perspective of who Jesus is.

“When I first arrived at the retreat, I saw Christ as my friend and companion and a role model of love and service,” said junior Aristotle Vergara. “But I learned that He has His own way of presenting Himself to us. It’s humbling to see how others view Him.”

The retreat focused on Catholic heritage, traditions, sacraments and vocations. There were games, testimonies and reflections. A highlight for many was the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, a time of honoring the Eucharist with prayer and silence with students kneeling at the altar in the chapel. Another highlight was the Eucharistic procession, held in the evening, in which the students and Father Steve Kim walked the campus grounds and blessed them.

Lastly, there was the panel comprised of Father Steve, an engaged couple and a married couple who spoke about their vocational choices.

This was the first time such a retreat was held on campus. Students appreciated the experience of stepping away from their busy schedules and devoting time to reflecting and conversing with fellow teens about spiritual matters.

“I used to view faith as something not connected to Saint Francis, but I came to realize that the school is centered on our Catholic faith,” said junior Ana Brockmann.