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Saint Lucy School Kindergarten Makes the Transition

Kindergarteners at Saint Lucy School learn about thermomenters in the fully-stocked science lab that their science class has transitioned into.

Saint Lucy School has transitioned Kindergarten Science class from the classroom to the fully-stocked Science Lab. Students are taught by the specially trained science teaching staff, who introduces the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with StemScopes, the on-line curriculum which emphasizes hands on exploration and a suite of online resources. Expanding their access to the full suite of supplies and space within lab is proving to be a great motivator for our young scientists.

The Kindergarten students have utilized the full lab space as well as experimenting with toy cars, blocks, ramps, plants, and balloons among other tools. In their current Earth Science unit focusing on weather conditions, weather hazards and measure of weather, the students had the opportunity to build and understand thermometers. They were able to observe how an alcohol/water solution would expand or contract in a glass bottle, registering temperature when placed in warm water and also when subjected to an ice bath. In addition to Earth Science, they are investigating Physical Science topics such as pushes and pulls, speed and direction, and energy from the sun. In Life Science, they learn about the basic needs of plants and animals as well as examining their various habitats.

Science teacher Bobette Lane adds, “whenever students become active participants in a hands-on learning and discovery process, not only do they have fun but they also retain the content on a far deeper level.”