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Saint Athanasius Life Teen Hosts Lenten Pancake Breakfast

Saint Athanasius Life Teen members served pancake breakfast to parishioners on March 11, to raise funds for the upcoming Diocesan Youth Retreat in Tahoe.

By Jacqueline Hernandez,
Life Teen core team member

Saint Athanasius Life Teen (SALT) organized a Lenten pancake breakfast on March 11, with the help of the senior group to raise funds for the upcoming Diocesan Youth Retreat in Tahoe. The parish hall was filled with the aroma of pancake and sausages, and warm smiles and great service of Life Teen volunteers.

The pancake breakfast was served after the English and Spanish morning Masses. Over 20 Life Teen volunteers helped decorate the hall, wrote inspirational Lenten reminders on the place mats, served delicious breakfast and mingled with the parishioners. The parish hall was transformed to a restaurant with parishioners enjoying delicious breakfast with their friends while listening to uplifting gospel songs. Father Bob Moran commented that, “the company is excellent, the spirit of this place is alive. You guys are doing a good job coming together to work. You have people from different countries and cultures coming together which is really lovely.”

Spanish-speaking parishioners appreciated the breakfast too. One of the parishioners commented that, “no le hace falta nada, está muy bien de sabor, les salió muy rico.” (English translation: The food is very flavorful. I don’t need to add anything.) He was very thankful for the kitchen staff who prepared the delicious food and for our volunteers who serve him. The pancake breakfast was a success that brought the English and Spanish speaking community together and raised over $1,000. Mike Cavera, Pastoral Associate, summed up the experience, “we have a great teen group this year. This is very nicely organized. You guys did a great job. Hopefully many can go to Tahoe this year.”

Our Life Teen group would like to thank everyone from Saint Athanasius Church, including our leaders, Maria, Rosa Maria and Deacon Leonel, our Senior group and fellow church members. Special thanks to the parents of SALT who supported our faith journeys and Father Oscar, Father Paul, Father Bob and Deacon Leonel for their generosity and kindness. Most importantly to our Father and our Blessed Virgin Mary whom we thank everyday. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to pray for all of you.
Saint Athanasius, pray for us.

Bendito San José, aumenta nuestra fe.