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Queen of Apostle Students Color for Kindness

Queen of Apostle students honored lives lost in Parkland, Florida, by coloring images related to kindess during the National Walkout.

On March 14, the students of Queen of Apostles joined schools around the country in the National Walkout.

In light of the school theme for this year, “Practice Kindness” the students marked 17 minutes of their day in honor of the 17 lives lost in Parkland, Florida by coloring various images related to kindness and ways to express them.

With the purpose of unanimously participating in the National Walkout and to observe the time in a meaningful and age appropriate way, the students said a prayer and were given a different coloring page that centered around the theme of Practicing Kindness. These ranged from sayings like ‘Be Kind’ and ‘The Right Time to be Kind is all The Time’. These colored pages are now displayed around the whole school with an intention to serve as a reminder that we should at all times practice kindness and live our lives in the image of Christ.

To reiterate what Bishop McGrath quoted from the bible, ‘Every life is precious in the eyes of the Lord and every person is made in the likeness of God,’ the students of Queen of Apostles are imbibing this principle in a solemn and meaningful way through the year.