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Read Across America Day Celebrated at Sacred Heart Nativity Schools


By Julian Villalobos, Alma Martinez and Celeste Cortez (students)

On March 2, Sacred Heart Nativity School held its second annual Read All Day (RAD) event. Leer es Poder, the school reading club, organized the day’s activities which included sustained silent reading, trivia competitions, create your own bookmarks, a comic book room, a magazine/newspaper room and podcasts.

The morning began in homerooms with silent free reading. Some students created forts out of pillows and blankets they brought from home. Students were also able to spend time in the recently renovated library with comfy couches and bean bag chairs. The day concluded with two Kahoot trivia competitions – one on the reading challenge book, “A Wrinkle in Time,” and the other an HSPT vocabulary challenge.

Each homeroom nominated two representatives to participate in the competitions. Classes cheered and supported their representatives. Prizes included a pizza party and free dress passes.

Michael Cody, Social Studies teacher, said, “RAD was great because it was a fun and creative way to promote reading. The Kahoot quiz encouraged people to read and promoted friendly competition.” Eighth-grade student Andy Bonilla said, “It was a fun day. The Kahoot quiz was engaging since the entire school was there supporting us and adding tension to the game.”

With the positive feedback that was received from students, Leer es Poder is excited to continue the event next year.