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Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School Returns to Walden West


Science Camp has been a staple of Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School for decades. The week is spent at Walden West Camp and is filled with community building, hands-on learning and social teaching practices. This year, the sixth grade students prepared for their camp since the start of school in August! They promoted and ran fundraisers such as selling ice cream, and running non-uniform days, to raise the amount needed for the entire class to attend. They prepared in their classrooms with lessons on environmental awareness, God’s Creation and more.

The week of February 5 finally arrived, and the students rode off in the school bus with their bags packed and hearts eager for the experience.

According to Middle School Science Teacher Mrs. Varnau, “sixth graders spent the week at Walden West Science Camp, learning about how everything is interconnected in an outdoor school environment. With Epic Journeys like starting with a view of Santa Clara Valley on top of a mountain and ending by looking for tiny invertebrates in a creek, students experienced life with the ecology in mind.”

Their adventure was also filled with the surprise of letters from home and from teachers, which arrived during their week stay to encourage their learning and comfort them. It is safe to say science camp was a huge success again this year for the students at Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School, and will definitely be a highlight they remember.