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Saint John Vianney School Celebrates a Faith-Filled Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents and honored guests sharing memories.

January 31 was a day of sunshine, smiles, and warm hugs as students and grandparents celebrated Grandparents’ Day at Saint John Vianney School (SJV). The theme for the day was “Grateful for their Love and Faith,” with students throughout the school demonstrating their gratitude in a myriad of ways. Father Steve Brown began the day with Mass during which he reminded us all of the amazing and influential role grandparents play in children’s lives. Attendees were reminded that grandparents are the cornerstones of our families, serving as nurturers who provide encouragement and support in both good times and bad.

Following Mass, grandparents visited the school. Students proudly showed their classrooms, projects, artwork, writing, and their teachers! Together, students and their elders engaged in fun-filled activities. Adoptions took place everywhere, with SJV’s honored visitors welcoming and including students whose loved ones were not able to attend.

The morning ended with grandparents sharing stories and experiences of their days in elementary school. These stories often serve as the glue that hold families together and contribute to a strong, faith-filled family identity. We at SJV are truly blessed to have such a wealth of knowledge and support. The presence and excitement grandparents brought to the SJV school community was a blessing. Grandparents’ Day was an event to be remembered as all attending thanked God for the opportunity to share the day together.