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Rite of Election Homily

Monsignor Francis V. Cilia, Vicar General of the Diocese of San Jose, gives the homily during the Rite of Election Mass.

By Monsignor Francis V. Cilia

Today we celebrate your Election. God called you long ago and now God chooses you for the Easter sacraments, in which you will be baptized and confirmed and share for the very first time in the Eucharist.

Your life has changed. You have put on Christ. We call this ‘conversion.’ And you will never be the same.

Along with the call to conversion, the Church invites you to conversation. These words are similar, for they are both about a turning. The first – conversion – is about turning around, about walking in a new direction. The other – conversation – means that we turn to others … we turn to the Lord, to those around us and, in a way, we turn to ourselves, we speak to our own hearts. For there, we will find the truth of our lives – the Lord who lives within each of us.

The weeks of Lent, this time of Enlightenment and Purification, is an exciting time as you come closer and closer to the Lord. We will be praying for you. We will be trying to be for you the best examples of what it is to be a Christian. And we will rejoice with you when you enter the waters of life, are anointed with the seal with the Spirit, and nourished by the Body and Blood of the Lord.

Finally, during these days and weeks, I propose to you a simple prayer, an old song (from my youth) from the rock opera, “Godspell:”
Day by day,
O dear Lord, three things I pray:
To see thee more clearly,
love thee more dearly,
follow thee more nearly.
Day by day.

May God bless you now and all the days of your lives.