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Opportunities at Holy Family School


Students at Holy Family School (HFS) have been so blessed with the co-curricular activities and classes offered to them during the school year. The co-curricular activities and classes have demonstrated development in various aspects of our students’ growth.

Art class, Occupational Therapy, Coding, Library, Study Skills, Rhythm & Moves Music and Technology and Design are among many classes the students cannot get enough of. Their creativity, enthusiasm and energy shine in these classes. Just this month, the school began two new programs that have our students excited for more.

Holy Family’s very own, Mrs. Hesler began a Public Speaking class. In the class she will be working on increasing confidence, gaining experience and having fun while getting comfortable speaking in front of a group. Although classes have just begun this month, students are always pouring out of the class with such positive energy, laughing and smiling. One observation has been, that even the most timid of students come out with their heads held high.

Another program that just began is the Soccer program, made available by KidstoPros. As you can imagine, the energy level even prior to the class beginning has been so high. Classes demonstrate teamwork and students who are more experienced do such a great job helping the more novice students with the techniques.

Through the co-curricular activities and classes, the HFS students have exemplified how playing, singing, recitation, speaking, drawing and using technology has given them the ability to express themselves more freely.