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Day in the Life: Archbishop Mitty High School LIFE Team


This spring, we asked three graduating seniors to share a day in their life as they participate in one of the Campus Ministry programs at Archbishop Mitty High School. This first entry comes from senior Nickhil Tekwani, who participates in LIFE Team. The reflection is part one of a three-part series:

It’s 6 p.m., and we’re talking about moments where we’ve seen God’s love in our lives the past few weeks. I’m in LIFE Team, the Campus Ministry leadership group at Archbishop Mitty High School, and we’re gathered for our monthly meeting in the chapel.

We start off these nights with what we call “hearts on fire” moments, where we talk about any points in the past couple weeks where we’ve felt God’s love through our interactions with others. The term “hearts on fire” refers to Luke 24:32, “They said to each other, ‘Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?’ ” This scripture recounts the road to Emmaus story. The “hearts on fire” mindset refers to the human response to God’s presences in our lives and serves as a guide to building a strong community both in Campus Ministry and in our greater Archbishop Mitty community.

LIFE Team is a Campus Ministry leadership group which includes several hundred seniors. Students participating in the group help with liturgies, retreats, morning assemblies, and all other endeavors of Campus Ministry.

Sharing “hearts on fire” moments and dinner as a community is followed by breaking into groups to work on projects. Student leaders work on their talks for an upcoming retreat, prepare posters and finalize logistics for upcoming Lenten activities, and sign birthday cards for Mitty students. At AMHS, LIFE Team is committed to having every student receive a handwritten birthday card during the religion class closest to his or her birthday. When we’re working on these projects, we share the goal of lighting as many people’s hearts on fire as possible. Whether it be through retreat preparation or a particularly memorable birthday card, we are cultivating an interconnected, faith-filled, and loving community on campus. And all of this happens in one, two-hour-long Tuesday-night LIFE Team meeting.