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Art in the Eye of the Beholder

Gio Morantes’ portrait of a monster.

“Art is in the eye of the beholder.” iJava Café and Crema Coffee patrons can experience Saint Leo the Great School’s student artwork. Mrs. Criss-Harvey, the school’s art teacher, has ensured that the students are proud of their artwork.

Ladia, a fourth grader at Saint Leo, reflected on her artwork being in iJava saying, “I feel really proud that I made something that will be on display. It’s really fun to make work that people can look at.” Allyson, an eighth grader said, “I think it’s cool because it came out of art class and now people can see it daily. They are not just on the school walls, but our work is being seen by a larger audience.”

This is true; with Crema having two coffee houses on the Alameda many people see the students’ artwork daily.

In addition to coffee sippers beholding the students’ artwork, families and children who are staying at or visiting the JW House in Santa Clara can see the Saint Leo students’ artwork. The JW House is celebrating 10 years of being a home away from home for families who have terminally ill or ailing children. Tyra, a sixth grader said, “I think it’s nice for people to see something that will make their day better. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside; I feel like I helped someone, personally, without even seeing them.” This is a true statement, after nine years of the same artwork at the JW House, artwork by students like Tyra are making a difference.