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Water Refill Stations Installed on Saint Frances Cabrini Campus


Thanks to a donation from Saint Frances Cabrini (SFC) Girl Scout Troop #60524 and a $10,000 grant from the Albertsons Foundation, SFC has installed new water bottle refill stations on campus. At Saint Frances Cabrini, we teach our students that part of becoming responsible and caring citizens means taking care of ourselves and taking care of the world around us. The goal in installing the bottle refill stations was to both help in our efforts to promote health by encouraging our students to drink more water as opposed to sugary alternatives, while still caring for our planet by finding realistic alternatives to plastic water bottles.

During Lent, SFC Student Council kicked off a school-wide effort to have each student bring a reusable water bottle from home instead of a disposable bottle or taking one from the hot lunch line. SFC offers a freshly prepared on-site daily hot lunch program. With over 600 students enrolled, now with an option to bypass a disposable bottle from the hot lunch line, SFC hopes to reduce water bottle usage by offering students the alternative use of the new water refill stations on campus.