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Las Posada Tradition Lives on at Saint John Vianney


As a tradition for the past 25 years, the eighth grade students of Saint John Vianney School have hosted a Las Posadas procession throughout the entire school to re-enact the story of Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem.

The eighth grade students sang “con gusto y fervor” as they processed in and out of each classroom asking each class if they had any room for them. As the students responded, “No! Go away! You are not welcome here,” the procession continued on to the next classroom in the same manner until they reached the church doors.

Once inside the church, where the rest of the student body had quickly assembled, the students finally shouted, “Yes! Come in! You ARE welcome here!” The procession of students sat down, and the seventh graders gave a reflection on how we helped a variety of local organizations throughout our Advent Novena giving days.

This long-standing tradition welcomes our families to join in this culminating event of the school’s Advent activities. It is very exciting for the students and reminds us to open our hearts to Jesus and to welcome and assist others in need.