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Flat Stanley Visits Saint Frances Cabrini School

Saint Frances Cabrini students display their Flat Stanley cutouts from Manchester, England


Flat Stanley has arrived from Manchester, England, to Mrs. Behrens’s fifth grade class at Saint Francis Cabrini. The students in Ms. Marshall’s Year 2 class at Moston Fields Primary School in Manchester, were interested in what students at Saint Frances Cabrini School in San Jose like to do and what there was to see in San Jose.

Just like in Jeff Brown’s book, “Flat Stanley,” cutouts of Ms. Marshall’s students arrived via post. Fifth grade students eagerly took the Stanleys home and photographed them making cookies, visiting the Winchester Mystery House, and shopping at the mall. Stanley even sat in on some piano lessons. Newsletters were created to send back to Manchester highlighting Stanley’s adventures complete with photographs.

In addition, students created travel brochures illustrating the sites to see in San Jose to give their new friends an idea of their home town.