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SALT Hosts Christmas Senior Luncheon

Group picture of seniors and SALT members.

Saint Athanasius Life Teen (SALT) held a Christmas Luncheon for seniors at the Saint Athanasius Parish on December 19. The luncheon was a new service project idea created by Core Team, a leadership group within Life Teen, to give back to the parish community. With the help of Maria Giuliani, Rosa Mancilla and Deacon Leonel, our youth team planned, decorated, cooked, and served. SALT members arrived early in the morning to transform the hall into a festive dining area and prepare the delicious food.

Our teens greeted the seniors, served drinks, and sat with them. This was a great opportunity for the youth and seniors to mingle and get to know each other. We served a nutritious gourmet style mix of chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables, salad and bread rolls, along with a variety of beverages.

To bring out the Christmas spirit and to entertain the seniors, the youth caroled in groups while the seniors ate their lunch. They enjoyed the beautiful voices and some of them even sang along. Wrapping up the event, the youth raffled off prizes ranging from fine wine to porcelain angels, keeping everyone in anticipation until the end.

The luncheon was praised for its delicious menu and creative use of decorations. Seniors felt “nice to be thought of” and some even made close connections with the youth!

Parish member Michael Fernandez, felt that the event was beneficial “for both groups, especially during this Advent/Christmas Season. It was a warm experience for some of the seniors, who do not get see their grandchildren that often. It also teaches the youth to respect, and help the older ones. It is a nice bonding experience: for the youth to meet the seniors… and for the seniors to meet our parish’s next generation.”

“God is Good!” Maria acclaimed after successfully leading the students into carrying out the whole event. “It was an honor to witness my teens as they spread the love of Christ to our beloved seniors this Christmas!”