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3D Design at Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School

Fifth grade students and parent volunteer, John Schmitt at Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School’s 3D Design course.

Fifth grade students at Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School have been busy learning and creating in their 3D Design course. The students are coached by a parent volunteer, John Schmitt, and are almost finished on their 10-week journey of design. Over the course the students have been “introduced to the most modern tools in 3D design, and have been learning fundamentals of design while pursuing their individual projects.

Each fifth grader has a favorite toy, character, food they can choose to design, and through that individual project they are highly engaged to learn and build,” said Mr. Schmitt. From imagining and planning to designing and creating, the fifth graders have truly enjoyed participating in the 3D Design class, and are excited for their finished projects.

According to Mr. Schmitt, “at the end of the class, each student is given a 3D print of their project as an artifact to remind them of their progress. 3D design is a skill that’s essential in careers in engineering, movie-making, games, architecture, and more.”
The students will showcase their finished projects to their Saint Lawrence Community, and will hopefully be taking the skills and memories of this class with them as their educational journey continues!