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Saint Joseph of Cupertino 2017 Thanksgiving Food Drive

SJC Seventh Grade Students organizing donated food items.

Each year during the month of November, Saint Joseph of Cupertino (SJC) School families reach out and assist the parish by collecting food items for the Saint Joseph of Cupertino Parish Thanksgiving Food Drive. SJC asks their students to bring boxes of stuffing, canned pumpkin, canned cranberry, chicken broth, vegetable oil, and canned yams to make up the food baskets. Preschool to eighth grade classrooms are each assigned a food item to bring in. Furthermore, in order to provide the students with an opportunity to donate to this project from their own resources, each child is encouraged to bring in a dollar of his/her own money to help purchase turkeys and other perishable items to add to the Thanksgiving baskets.

This year SJC School collected 400 donated food items as well as $565. Overseen and directed by the Religious Education Coordinator, Veronica Hernandez, student council Commissioners of Religion and a few of their seventh grade classmates were tasked with collecting the food items from the classrooms, organizing them into separate categories, and counting each item.

“It was astonishing to see how much food we got,” the Commissioners of Religion said. “It’s amazing that we are able to help so many families. It makes me really happy to be a part of it,” they continued.

With coordinated efforts, SJC Scout Troops including Girl Scout Troop 60908 and Boy Scout Troops 476 and 457, the food items collected by the school combined with the food items collected by the parish were assembled into baskets. Before the baskets were distributed, SJC teachers walked their classes through the Parish Hall so that the students could see the impact their donations would make.

The Saint Joseph of Cupertino 2017 Thanksgiving Food Drive was able to provide 260 families with food baskets. Four of the eighth grade boys from Boy Scout Troops 476 and 457 helped families receiving the baskets carry them out to their cars. The boys expressed how “it was really nice to see all the smiles and how grateful everyone was.”