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Helping Those in Need


By Liz Sullivan

The last six months of 2017 have brought devastating destruction and hardship for people across the Americas. From Hurricanes Irma and Harvey that traveled through the Caribbean and to the U.S., to the earthquake in Mexico and the fires just north in the Diocese of Santa Rosa, it has been a time few will forget.

In response to these events the faithful in the Diocese of San Jose have opened their hearts and their wallets.

Through Nov. 30, the Diocese has generously donated $704,889.67 (hurricanes: $377,019.09; Mexican Earthquake: $161,865.83 and Santa Rosa fires: $166.004.75) to support those affected and the numbers of donations are growing every day.

The contributions for the victims of the earthquake and the hurricanes are being donated to the relief efforts led by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and funds collected for the devastating fires in the North Bay have been sent directly to the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

“Service is the sign of true love. Those who love know how to serve others. We learn this especially in the family, where we become servants out of love for one another. In the heart of the family, no one is rejected; all have the same value.” Pope Francis, 2015.