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Giving Thanks for Catholic Philanthropy at Christmastime


Mary Quilici Aumack

Executive Director
Catholic Community Foundation of Santa Clara County

The root of generosity is gratitude. Catholic philanthropy finds its roots in the Eucharist, and manifests in outreach.

The role of the Catholic Community Foundation is to augment that philanthropy through endowments and Donor Advised Funds, focused on providing reliable financial support for effective ministry.

At this time of giving thanks, I share with you our Foundation Prayer, written for us by Diana Macalintal:

Foundation Prayer
God of every good gift,
from the beginning of creation
you have filled the world with abundant blessings.
In lean times, you cared for your people’s needs,
and in good times, you blessed them with more than they could imagine.
For everything you have given,
may we never cease to thank you.
Help us be a blessing for those who seek to serve you in our community,
that we may give you right and just praise
and be good stewards of the gifts you have bestowed.
Where our treasure lies is where our heart will be.
So open our hearts to fill the needs of our sisters and brothers,
that we may share ourselves as well as what we have.
May your Spirit teach us to seek first your kingdom
so that all people together may use their gifts, great and small,
to bring your peace and blessing to the world.
And when we have given all that we have in your name,
may we rejoice in the riches stored for us in heaven,
pressed down and overflowing with the goodness of your love.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
– Diana Macalintal

We seek to help individuals and families manifest their gratitude through legacy giving. That can be a gift to an endowment, or a bequest to a parish. I hope you will contact me to learn more.

As we anticipate exchanging presents with friends and family, we give thanks for the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, the original gift. We are filled with gratitude.

Merry Christmas from The Catholic Community Foundation!

Contact Mary at (408) 995-5219 or Aumack@cfoscc.org. To learn more about the Catholic Community Foundation, visit www.cfoscc.org.