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A Trick or Treat with a Difference by Saint Julie Youth


Creative discipleship calls everyone to think outside of the box to witness and make a positive impact. This is exactly what Saint Julie’s youth in the confirmation program have been doing for the past three years for Halloween. They go door-to-door trick or treating – not for candies, but for non-perishable goods to be donated to the parish food pantry.

Fliers were distributed by the youth in the neighborhood advertising the event. The effort was very well received. The willingness of the youth to give up their time prompted the generosity of the neighbors to donate. Many siblings and parents gave up their traditional Halloween to help the youth in the process. This event has been a great witness in evangelization to the neighbors and to the greater community. One of the neighbors, who would like to remain anonymous, came to the office with a check for the food pantry saying, “I am not a Catholic. However, I was so moved by the youth that I could not but allow my heart to respond with compassion.”

All the food collected from “Trick or Treat for Jesus” was placed before the altar for Sunday Masses. Lucy Valencia, one of the parishioners, with great admiration for the youth said, “This is a testament that love lived one deed at a time makes a radical difference.