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Rest in Peace, Brother Robert Carberry, CSC

Brother Robert Carberry, CSC

Resident of Notre Dame, Ind., Brother Robert Carberry, CSC, passed away on October 17. A religious Brother of the Congregation of Holy Cross, he was well known and loved in the Bay Area because of his many years of service and his trademark question, “What do you need?”

Beginning in 1959, Brother Robert served at Saint Francis High School, Mountain View, as a teacher, bookstore manager, and business and facilities manager. In 1991, he began working closely with Monsignor James Walsh at Saint Cyprian Church, Sunnyvale, and then at Saint Christopher Church, San Jose.

Among the many gifts Brother Robert shared was his far-sighted planning, not just five years ahead, but 20-30 years into the future. He was very practical and active, locating and redistributing resources (food, office supplies, furniture) to help people and schools, and inspiring an army of volunteers.

In 2011, Brother Robert moved to an assisted living facility of the Brothers of Holy Cross in Austin, Texas. In 2012, he moved to Notre Dame, Ind. to receive additional care. In declining health these past several years due to cancer, he passed away suddenly at age 88.

Memorial contributions, in honor of Brother Robert Carberry, C.S.C., to support the mission and ministries of the Brothers of Holy Cross may be sent to: Congregation of Holy Cross, Moreau Province, Office of Development, 1101 Saint Edwards Drive, Austin, TX, 78704.