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Donor Advised Fund Match – An Impetus for Gratitude


Marie Galetto
Marketing & Grants Program Manager

It’s commonly understood that there is a close connection between gratitude and generosity. Those who are grateful for the blessings in their lives tend to give more to those in need. And, in return, the ability to help others increases that person’s happiness.

Gratitude is good for you. It makes you happier and healthier (mentally & physically!). During this month which is bookended by remembering our loved ones who have gone before us and gathering together with loved ones who are with us, we’re all a little more aware about being grateful and generous. And it’s a time, at least for me personally, to think a little more strategically about my charitable giving.

Everyone is inspired to give in different ways and to different causes. While many choose to give gifts of time and talent, often at the end of the year people choose to give the gift of their treasure. At the Foundation, we know that some donors find that the simplicity and flexibility of a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) helps streamline, and even enhance, their charitable giving.

Think of a Donor Advised Fund like a “charitable checking account.” You receive the tax benefit of the donation you make to your DAF in the year of the donation, however, you don’t have to grant all of that money to a charity that year, or even in the following 10 or 20 years. Your DAF becomes your “checking account” from which you advise grants to 501(c)3 organizations at your leisure, giving you the time and flexibility to plan your philanthropic strategy while your money grows tax free under the Foundation’s experienced management.

We have some exciting news for you: from now through December 2018, the Catholic Community Foundation is offering a Donor Advised Fund Match! This means that when you open a Donor Advised Fund with us, we will match your fund 5 percent up to $5,000 AND the Foundation will give your parish $500! That’s a free, unrestricted gift of $500 for your parish (that doesn’t come out of your new fund) just for opening a DAF!

During this season of Thanksgiving, find something that inspires you to give. Perhaps this Donor Advised Fund Match can be the impetus to think strategically about your philanthropy and the legacy you will leave behind after you pass to the next life. Whatever and wherever you’re inspired to give, do it with a heart and mind full of thanks and giving.

To learn more about the Foundation’s Donor Advised Fund Match, please visit cfoscc.org/DAF-match.