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Saint Lucy School Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch Field Trip


Field trips outside the classroom are an integral part of learning at Saint Lucy School.

The Saint Lucy School annual Kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch was the catalyst for many cross-curricular lessons and activities. Prior to traveling to the pumpkin patch, kindergarteners studied and the life cycle of the pumpkin from seed to harvest They each made a mobile depicting the stages of development. They also read stories and watched videos seeing pumpkins as they grow and change.

Upon their return from the pumpkin patch, kindergarten teacher, Suzanne D’Amico, integrated their experience into Language Arts, Math, and Science activities. By creating a page for their class book on the order of activities for the entire trip, they learned about sequencing. With pumpkins in hand, they used their math skills to measure the height and circumference of their pumpkins in addition to weighing them. They also learned about buoyancy, as they made predictions of whether their pumpkin would sink or float. The kindergartners even learned how to carry a pumpkins correctly. “You never carry it by the stem as it can be prickly. The bottom of the pumpkin is its belly.” So the final lesson from this wonderful adventure, always carry your pumpkin belly to belly.

Saint Lucy School off-campus educational experiences are planned by teachers to correlate with their regular classroom instructional program. Teachers balance class field trips as they arrange activities prior to these class adventures that enhance the curriculum and engage their students.