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Saint Elizabeth Seton School – Socks ‘N’ Snacks


Destruction and devastation are words that come to mind following the news reports from Hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Maria. National collections to meet practical needs will be continuing for some time, prayers are ongoing and words of encouragement constantly sent forward. But how do we relate what has happened to our elementary students here at Seton School? We want to be sure to take these opportunities to teach our Catholic values, cultivate a sense of empathy and discuss ways to step forward to serve others.

Our First Grade teacher, Ms. Estes, came up with something quite unique. She connected over the summer with a First Grade teacher from Houston, seeing the benefit of collaboration with a fellow teacher across state lines. Houston was hit hard by the hurricanes, so Ms. Estes took the opportunity to ask right away where her Seton School first grade students could help. Our students learned that the school in Houston was closed for a few days, but on their return to school their First Grade students immediately supported the local community by making and serving dinners. The Houston students were really happy to hear that Seton School students – all the way over in California – really cared and wanted to help too. Cards with meaningful messages were carefully designed by our First Graders and sent off right away. Several Care Packages followed – Socks ‘N’ Snacks for all of their First Graders! Students always love a good ‘SNACK’ and who doesn’t love a pair of new soft ‘SOCKS’.

Next, during our school-wide nine day Novena we will collect for needs in our community, and send support for families affected by the recent California Wildfires.