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Saint Leo the Great “Lions” Lending Paw

Prayer Pals, Chloe and Leslie, are helping each other understand compassion and care. They are reading to one another, drawing together, and sharing making happy memories.

It’s always a joy to lend a hand, how about a “paw?” Saint Leo the Great “Lions” love lending a paw, especially to their Prayer Pals. Over the course of a school year, the Prayer Pals meet at least once a month. The older students are paired with the younger students, as big and little buddies. Prayer Pals is a ministry at Saint Leo the Great School; it guides each student in his or her spiritual and academic journey. When a Saint Leo student graduates his or her experience with Prayer Pals has been an experience with service, outreach, guidance, support, nurturing, and much more. Each Prayer Pals is on the receiving end and giving end throughout their years at Saint Leo.