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Saint Frances Cabrini Celebrates Grandparents

Saint Frances Cabrini School celebrates Grandparents Day.

Inside and outside the classroom, grandparents play important roles in the lives of Saint Frances Cabrini (SFC) students, and so once a year students gather to celebrate and give thanks to them on Grandparents Day. It’s quite an undertaking but a cherished tradition at SFC to welcome hundreds of our guests of honors onto campus.

This year, over 840 Grandparents and “Grand-friends” traveled from all over the country to SFC. The day began with music and prayer in the church followed by a wonderful lunch shared beneath tents that shaded beautifully decorated tables. Grandchildren guided their honored guests to classrooms and corridors brimming with student projects on display for their guests to admire. Keepsake pictures were taken and ice cream treats rounded out the day.

Grandparents Day is a way for the entire school community to show its appreciation. Whether it is volunteering in the classroom, at hot lunch, helping with homework, at pick-up or drop-off, grandparents play an important role in our students’ lives. They are truly valued members of the Saint Frances Cabrini community.